Parents Feedback

Parents Feedback

Parents Feedback

Emma Glover

Jack attended Marion and Stans childminding setting for 3 years & loved every minute of it.  He attended 2 days a week since he was around 6 months old .  All of the trips and activities jack got the chance to do every week was amazing ! A hand full of these being trips to the beach, to Manchester science museum , the funhouse, Clifton country park, aquariums & to Knowsley safari park. With jack attending at least one different outing a week. Marion & stand choose activities to match jacks likes as he loves the outdoors & animals giving him the ability to learn in a setting he liked.  The arts and crafts jack has made during his time at Marion’s is great all the different makes for the current subject they are exploring & the mothers & Father’s Day crafts especially thoughtful. The setting itself is great will all different learning resources & toys, jack especially loved the chance to venture up upstairs & play in the ball pit & build towers out of the big shapes  along with playing outside with the see saw weights & activities available outside. Jack has a keen interest in dinosaurs & Marion made jack a dinosaur book bag to explore at home. The feeling of the setting is very family based, with you feeling welcome among her family especially her youngest son who jack formed a great friendship with & looks up to him  Modelling his behaviour and activities that he is doing such as sitting with him drawing whilst he does his homework. Jack has been under speech & language since he was 2 years old& has had great support with Marion & Stan doing focused activities with him to increase his speech & attention span, going from not bothering with activities or going from one to another without much progress to then sitting and focusing on completing 4 puzzles one after another this  due to activities they have done with him weekly. We chose this setting for jack as we knew it was the best setting he could be in due to the many different ways of learning that he could have and opportunities he would have through the many trips & activities Marion & Stan take the children to. Jack will defiantly miss his sessions at Marion’s & hopefully he can meet up from time to time as he has such a great relationship with Marion & Stan.


Marion, Stan and Lisa have been looking after our daughter Quinn for the past two and a half years. We have been extremely please with the care attention and stimulation she receives there. She is very happy with them and has made great friends. The children become part of Marion and Stan’s extended family whether they’re using the facilities at home (soft play room, large garden with vegetable patch and chickens) or on one of their many outings in Stan’s van (softplay, playgroups, parks, museums). Parents are encouraged to be involved with the themes of education (people who help us, healthy lifestyles) and we are provided with regular updates and photos on their activities via orbit or the child’s development book. What more can we say except we hope they’ll be a place for our new baby due in February! Thanks Selina & Lee Harrison


Our eldest child has been cared for, 3 days a week for two years now by Marion & Stan. Our youngest son has also recently started staying too as i have again returned to work. As parents we have always been impressed with the high quality of the care given to our boys within their home. Activities and trips out are thoughtfully planned and adapted to the level of each child. There are plenty of resources, tents, dressing up, ball pool,cars, bikes, sand pits, the list goes on, as well as trips to local play groups and soft play centres. The things you’d do with them yourself. Birthdays are celebrated, children leaving marked with special days and treats and seasonal events mean lots of craft activities and paint! For us the mix and number of children has been ideal, enough for the boys to form friendships and bonds but not so many they are merely a number and lost in a crowd. Marion & Stan use Orbit as an assessment tool within the early years programme which we have found to be useful in monitoring the boys development and we love looking at what they’ve been doing whilst they’ve not been with us. We are also able to add to it with pictures and information about their time at home. We have always found Marion & Stan to be knowledgeable about childcare and child ‘rearing’. They always appear to respond positively and sensitively when challenges arise, a text or photo so you know that the tears, that were breaking your heart as you left your child have stopped and they are now happily playing or a sticker chart to encourage him not to cry. We have and will continue to recommend Marion & Stan to those parents looking for high quality childcare within a home environment.

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