Children first

Children first

Children first

Rooms Available to Children 

Conservatory dedicated for children’s toys and play.

Downstairs lounge, also containing lots of toys.

Kitchen that is ideal for cooking and baking.

Downstairs toilet.

Dining room with large table for painting and other activities.

Dedicated Soft play room with soft toys and ball pool.

Sensory room and construction room.

Garden I have a large garden for the children to play in.

We have lots of garden toys such as:

A slide.

Multiple cars for riding.

Hula hoops in different sizes, balls, chalks available to draw on patio.

Bikes, cars, scooters.


large playhouse

Large Cardboard boxes.

Guttering, Drainpipes and resource table for sand and water.

Also enclosed in the garden are 6 chickens that the children can interact with and feed.
Toys available

Toys available are from ages 0 to 14 years

Toy kitchen, complete with basketfuls of toy food, pans, plates.

Toy farm, railway, dolls house, car park.

Lots of dolls, dolls clothes.Jigsaw puzzles for all ages.

Dressing up clothes for role play.

Toy instruments and musical toys.

Large library of books for children of all ages.

Paints and crafting materials.

Building blocks, push along toys.

Educational games, toys, laptops, computers.

Children’s digital camera to take photographs.

Transportation 15 seat mini-bus, used for days out and transportation to and from school.



Rated outstanding since 2005

    outstanding since 2005

    I have continually been rated outstanding offering your child the highest quality childcare.

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